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Periodontitis is a chronic bacterial disease. Each person has different bacteria and certain medical conditions that can influence the severity of the disease, including diabetes, or pre-diabetes. We look at the medical side of your health, not only the dental.

You cannot treat Periodontal Diseases just with surgery. Not only must the infection be removed, but you must keep the teeth clean at home. We will teach you how to do this. And we must reexamine and clean your teeth in the gum space 4 times a year to make sure you are not getting a return of the bacteria and the Periodontal Disease.

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Why Treat It?

Periodontitis begins with bacterial plaque accumulation on tooth surfaces, and after gingival inflammation develops, it causes widening of the periodontal ligament which loosens teeth.

Without dental intervention, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss, infect your arteries and can cause serious health problems.

Good Periodontal Health is key to good total body health!

Successful Periodontal Treatment Requires:

Requires a proper Periodontal Exam including measuring gum pockets, initial scaling, periodontal surgery of gum and bone, sometimes including bone grafting and soft tissue grafting, bite adjustment, and after healing, completing a restorative treatment plan which may include dental implants.


10% - 20% Bone Loss

Will require periodontal surgery.


25% - 40% Bone Loss

Will require periodontal surgery.

Will need bite adjustment to even out forces on teeth and stop trauma.


40% - 65% Bone Loss

Will require periodontal surgery, and bone graphing. If teeth are loose they will need bite adjustment and splinting.


More than 65% Bone Loss

Must extract and bone graft socket; Consider implants later.

You can always have surgery in quadrants, or half mouths, with time between visits. If you don't have insurance benefits, you should still have treatment. Insurance may not cover certain necessary procedures and materials like membranes and bone grafting. You would pay for this privately. 

If you require periodontal surgery, Dr. Marshall has methods of making it very gentle with very little discomfort after surgery

In choosing to see Dr. Howard Marshall, you're choosing a very highly trained doctor who has dedicated his life to helping patients get their gum disease properly treated.

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