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One of the most highly trained and experienced Periodontists in NYC

The periodontal diseases are a group of inflammatory oral pathologies that affect supporting structures that surround and support teeth, causing damage to the gums, bone, ligamentous attachment to teeth, cementum and periodontal ligament.

If you require periodontal surgery, Dr. Marshall has methods of making it very gentle with very little discomfort after surgery!

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Why Treat Periodontal Disease?

Periodontitis begins with bacterial plaque accumulation on tooth surfaces, and after gingival inflammation develops, it causes the periodontal ligament to loosen teeth. It causes the periodontal ligament to rupture, loosening teeth. Then it causes loss of bone around the teeth.

Without dental intervention, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss, infect your arteries and can cause serious health problems.

Good Periodontal Health is key to good total body health!

Not all cases are the same, and people have different types of infection, different stages of gum disease, and bone loss. We treat them completely and work also with the physician if we suspect diabetes. Other offices extract more teeth, but Dr. Marshall tries to save as many teeth as is possible!

The only way that Dr. Marshall, can tell you which type of case you have by looking at your X-Rays, measuring the periodontal pockets in the gums, and examining your bite and tooth looseness. At that periodontal examination and consultation, he can explain what he can accomplish for you and what the cost will be.

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How can you recognize gingivitis (gum) or periodontal disease (disease of tooth-supporting bone)?

You cannot treat Periodontal Disease just with surgery. Not only must the infection be removed, but you must keep the teeth clean at home.

We will teach you how to do this at our office!

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Here are the signs to help you recognize your own gum disease:

1. Bleeding gums.

2. Puffy gums.

3. Shiny or swollen gums.

4. Bad breath.

5. Pink toothbrush.

6. Enlarged gums with a reddish color.

7. Gum recession.

8. Spaces between the teeth where no spaces previously existed.

9. Loose teeth.

10. Shifting teeth.

11. Gum abscesses—puffy, enlarged soreness of the gum.

12. Itchiness of the gum.

13. Tenderness of the gum.

Dr. Howard B. Marshall is a dental specialist in Periodontics, treating patients with gum disease and bone loss around their teeth, helping rebuild mouths using implants, and at times rebuilding just sections of the entire mouth. Contact him out, he can help you out!

Master at giving local anesthesia, so that it doesn't hurt!

In choosing to see Dr. Howard Marshall, you're choosing a very highly trained doctor who has dedicated his life to helping patients get their gum disease properly treated.

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