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How does it affect you?

One of the most highly trained and experienced Periodontists in NYC

Not all cases are the same, and people have different types of infection, different stages of gum disease, and bone loss. We treat them completely and work also with the physician if we suspect diabetes.

Other offices extract more teeth, but Dr. Marshall tries to save as many teeth as it's possible!

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Why Choose Dr. Marshall

Dr. Marshall would like to help you with all his skills, but saving borderline teeth often requires bone grafts, and soft tissue grafts, and often bite adjustment to even out stresses on certain teeth. It may require joining loose teeth. Missing teeth will need replacement.

So we will do whatever you feel you want and help you any way we can.

The more teeth you lose, the more later dental replacement of those teeth costs, so it is better, to save as many teeth as possible!

Periodontitis Cases Divide Into:


Mainly Pocket Elimination - Early and moderate. Case types 1 and 2.


Deeper pockets, more difficult to save, loose teeth, often bad bites with heavy bruxing damage.


Often require many bone grafts, extraction of hopeless teeth, and socket bone grafts to build up bone for later implants.

Dr. Howard B. Marshall is a master at giving local anesthesia, so that it doesn't hurt!

Dangers of Periodontal Disease

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  1. This is a chronic bacterial infection. These bacteria are getting into your bloodstream and into the circulation. This is a medical problem not just a dental problem.
  2. This disease causes loss of bone and loss of your teeth.
  3. This disease causes bacteria to pass from the mouth into your bloodstream and the bacteria can land on your coronary arteries, causing plaque formation and later heart disease. The bacteria can infect the heart, the lungs, the unborn baby in the mother, and the brain.
  4. Periodontal disease produces BAD BREATH.
  5. The bacteria can go from your mouth to your mate’s mouth (husband or wife, anyone you kiss and exchange saliva fluids with).

Dr. Marshall has ways to tighten loose teeth and regrow bone!

Periodontist near me

Normal - Bone Losss

Periodontal Disease

Can Cause:

  • Diabetes
  • Coronary Hearth Disease
  • Strokes
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Preterm Birth Babies
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Cancer

Good Periodontal Health is key to good total body health!

Good periodontal health is key to good total body health.


You will have loss of bone of untreated.

Ugly dark spaces between the teeth.

Teeth loosening.

Loss of more teeth if untreated.

Much bigger future dental costs.

Compromised chewing if untreated.


You will eliminate bad breath.

You will eliminate bleeding gums.

You may reduce medical problems.

“You’ll be kissing sweet”

In choosing to see Dr. Howard Marshall, you're choosing a very highly trained doctor who has dedicated his life to helping patients get their gum disease properly treated.

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