About Dr. Marshall

The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our staff's training, professional credentials and work experience.

Howard B. Marshall, D.D.S.

Dr. Marshall is a very highly trained dentist who graduated with honors and a teaching research fellowship grant in Periodontics, from the U of P School of Dental Medicine, followed by a second year of training at Boston University’s Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Stomatology. He then entered the United States Air Force, where he served for two years as a captain in the dental services department.

Upon return to the United States, Dr Marshall limited his practice exclusively to Periodontics for 16 years. Subsequently, because of his additional background as a highly trained sculptor and painter, he also became expert in Implants, Cosmetic and Restorative dentistry. Today, he concentrates on periodontics, implants, and rebuilding mouths to have great function and a wonderful smile.  He has many years of experience. He has taken many postgraduate courses, and has authored 2 books for the public on dentistry. Please see the information below regarding just some of the many courses that he has completed. Because of all this training, he has not only placed dental implants, but he has also rebuilt the teeth on top of the implants. You, too, can have this total and comprehensive treatment at one office.

Dr. Marshall is gentle, and will be able to explain the solutions to your dental problems and suggest more than just one possible plan with cost estimates and several arrangements. He tries to make it easy for everybody to get treatment.

Dr. Marshall has personally  rebuilt many mouths and created beautiful smiles. He has also worked in cooperation with other expert dental teams of specialists. He tries to ensure that his patients get total comprehensive treatment planning from start to finish. Your comfort and satisfaction is of the utmost importance. He strives to give you state of the art techniques, and uses many of the latest advances in dental research. He emphasizes the prevention of future disease, and also counsels in advanced nutritional information for your overall health. He is licensed to offer the PerioProtect system to prevent future periodontal breakdown and treat failing periodontal cases and failing implant cases.

As part of his cosmetic skills, Dr. Marshall is trained in LUMINEERS (made by Den-mat). He uses this concept when placing very thin porcelain veneers which are placed over existing teeth without requiring removal of much tooth structure..  In two visits ten days apart you can get the smile of your dreams. Occasionally, the teeth may need porcelain jackets, or super thin veneer crowns instead of veneers. Dr. Marshall will guide you to the correct solutions, and help you understand the reasons for the recommendations. Dr. Marshall is affiliated with several offices in different parts of NYC. At least one of them is probably convenient for you.

Dr. Marshall looks forward to meeting you and helping you attain that healthy, winning smile.


  • American Dental Association – Current – 2008
  • NY County Dental Society (1ST District Dental Society)– Current – 2008

By 1992, Dr. Marshall had attended over 39 courses on all phases of implant dentistry, in various locations in the U.S.  These courses ranged from research to implant surgical techniques, to the prosthetic strategies utilized in implant dentistry.  During the same period, he also attended the Chicago 110th Annual Midwinter Meeting, and the University of Southern California School of Dentistry Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Team Approach to Medical Emergencies. In 1992, he became a member of The American College of Physician Inventors.He attended many courses during the next 7 years, A more recent history of the courses he has taken since 1999 to the present is as follows:


1999: Greater New York Dental Meeting Practical Cosmetic Dentistry - Dr. Jeff Morley
Clinical Consideration for Improved Denture Construction - Dr. Lloyd Landa
Complete Denture Occlusion - Dr. Lester Rosenthal
Why Over Dentures? Dr. Daniel Epstein
Current Periodontics - Dr. Myron Nevins
2000: New York County Dental Society Advanced Concepts in Porcelain Laminates - Dr. Robert Weller
2000: New York County Dental Society Fixed Removable and Implant Prosthetics - Dr. Gordon Christensen
2000: Direct Fiber Reinforcement in Dentistry - Dr. Jonathan Scharf
2000: Baylor College of Dentistry Building and Marketing your Cosmetic Practice - Dr. Roger Levin
2001: Big Apple Dental Meeting Cosmetics, Esthetics - Dr. M. Maroon
2001: The 4th Annual ICOI Implant Prosthodontic Symposium Update on Attachment Technology - Dr. Charles English
The Ten Commandments of Implant Dentistry - Dr. Robert Schneider
Implantation after Extraction: Prosthetic Considerations For Success with Immediate Loading - Dr. Ady Palti
Achieving Implant Esthetics through Non-Surgical Sculpting of Tissue – Dr. Jonathan Zamzok
Emergency Esthetics Using Dental Implants – Dr. Timothy Kosinski
Achieving Predictable, Esthetic, and Cost-Effective Implant Prosthetics - Dr. Scott Ganz
Mandibular Completely Edentulous Treatment Options For Fixed Implant Prosthesis - Dr. Misch
Achieving Esthetics: Different Methods to Reach the Same Goal Robert Riley, CDT  Altering  Occlusion as a Means of Fabricating a Full Arch Implant Supported Fixed Prosthesis - Dr. Glen Gittleson
New Concepts to Enhance Ridge Augmentation - Dr. Craig Misch
Meeting the Challenge of the Atrophic Edentulous Ridge: - Dr. Allan Schaffran
Clinical and Laboratory Guidelines for the Edentulous Maxillary Reconstruction:  - Dr. Barry Goldenberg
2001: Greater New York Dental Meeting Site Development for Optimum Implant Esthetics -
Dr. Richard Smith
Rehabilitate Our Practice – Dr. Jorge Pinero
The 1000 Gems – Dr. Tom Orent
2001-2004: Greater New York Dental Meeting Various courses
2005-2006: Additional research on one-visit tooth replacement system
2007: January 25-27: ICOI, Winter Symposium Pre-Symposium Course: Block Grafting Tissue Bank Bone for Ridge Width and Height - Dr. Arun K. Garg

Friday, January 26, Morning Session: New 3-D Technologies
Linking Diagnostics with Surgical and Restorative Outcomes” - Dr. Scott Ganz
“Esthetic Zone Reconstruction: Synergy of Interactive CT/Tissue Grafting” - Dr. Michael Pikos
“Introduction to Guided Surgery: Surgical Advantages and Prosthetic Options” - Dr. Jack Krauser
“New Technologies in Oral Implantology: Immediate Loading for Perfect Aesthetics” - Dr. Ady Palti
“ICOI’S International Multi-Lingual Website” - Dr. Kenneth Judy

Afternoon Session: Implant Treatment of Atrophic Maxilla
“Cell-Based Strategies for Bone Regeneration: Bone Marrow Aspirate” - Drs. Smiler and Soltan
“Review of Graft Materials and Their Clinical Indications” - Dr. Arun Garg
“Different Implant Site Preparation” - Dr. Tomaso Vercellotti
“Restoration of the Edentulous Maxilla:  - Drs. Richard Kraut and Christopher Amenedo
“Sinus Augmentation: State-of-the-Art Techniques and Grafting Materials” - Dr. Ziv Mazor

Saturday, January 27, Morning Session: Implant Esthetic Considerations
“Success Factors for Implant Supported Removable Dentures” - Dr. Omer Kutay
“Immediate, Functional and Esthetic Replacement of Missing Anterior Teeth” -
Drs. Garber and Salama
“Solutions for Implant Restorations: Treatment Planning, New Technologies - Renzo Casellini, MDT
“How to Minimize the Problems of Bruxism, Parafunction, and Lost Vertical Dimensions in the Implant Patient” - Dr. Michael D. Smilanich
“Soft Tissue Shaping for Esthetic Needs” - Dr. Marius Steigmann

Afternoon Session: Immediate Load and Consensus Review
“Immediate Extraction Replacement and Immediate Provisionalization: - Dr. Jack Hahn
“Immediate Implant Loading: Functional vs. Non-Functional/ - Dr. Hom-Lay Wang
“Immediate Loading of Implants in Reconstructed Bone” - Dr. Craig Misch
“Consensus Conference Review: Adolescent/Child Care with Implants” - Dr. Carl Misch
2007: ISTM, Comprehensive Implant Surgery Training Miami, Fl.
  Implant Prosthetic Hands-On Workshops Level 2 - Dr. G. Applebaum
  Greater NYDM,Nov. Minimum Invasive Implant surgery. Dr. B. Snyder
Complications and Risks of Mouthwashes,  - Dr. Sebastian  Ciancio.
Mini-Implants. Dr. Christianson
 2008: Certificate: Risk Management Completion
2008: Infection Control Training and Hazard Communication for the Dental Team
2008: Updated and revised his first book book. New book called “Dental Health-Dental Treatment-Dental Cosmetics and Beauty
2009: Dr. Marshall's book was released on the Internet on its own website in July 2009. 
2009-2013 Clinical Practice in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry for several different offices.  I introduced several new techniques for bone augmentation for implants, and  short wide implants for short crests.
2011 3 day stem cell conference Columbia University College of Dentistry , May 2011. and Relationship of Periodontal Disease and Diabetes,  Given at the New York Academy of Sciences
2011 Advanced course on Implants, sinus elevations, bone grafting Dr. Dennis Smiler, NE meeting AAID on the ailing, failing implant.
2012  GNYDM 6 days of courses on perio surgery, bone regeneration, Implants, peri-implantitis.and bone regeneration
2013 3 day symposium on implants - AAID Feb.2013. March, 2 day course Dr. Salama in Atlanta on tunnel grafting, subepithelial connective tissue grafts, soft tissue grafts May - Phila.,PA  World Conference for 2 days on Adhesive Dentistry.
2014 GNYDM  All day course on dental lasers, 2 half day courses on anterior implant techniques for split ridges, raising alveolar height, and sinus elevations using the crestal technique.