Welcome to Dr. Marshall's Approach to Treatment & Prevention

Welcome! I'm Dr. Howard Marshall. I am very pleased to welcome you. I am here to help you, and make your treatment as gentle as possible. I want you to be able to make a fully informed decision about your dental health and treatment, and to know how to prevent future dental disease.

That's why I've loaded this website with valuable information about diagnosis and treatment of  gum problems, implants and replacing missing teeth, and how to get a GREAT SMILE.  You can see some of my before and after SMILE improvement cases. here is a section on FAQs. Visit this site whenever you have questions or concerns about bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, replacing missing teeth or other dental problems..

Here you will find information about the staff, office hours, insurance policies, appointment procedures, maps with directions to the two offices with which Dr. Marshall is affiliated in New York and B'klyn.  In choosing to see Dr Howard Marshall, you're choosing a very highly trained doctor who has dedicated his life to helping patients get their gum disease properly treated. Most important, using the PerioProtect System, I can help you prevent future dental disease. 

Please take a few moments to look through this site to get a better feeling for Dr. Howard Marshall's capabilities, services, and treatment of periodontics, implants, smile improvement  and other aspects of  dentistry. I also invite you to email or call any of the offices any time, whether to request an appointment or ask questions. Thank you! Call whichever office is nearest you for an appointment, Manhattan Eastside Office (212) 752-2212, or Marshall Brooklyn Office (718) 331-1328. Please remember, I am here to help you.